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Lighting for photographing a painting

Here is an example of what happens when you photograph a painting with an on-camera flash.  The light reflects straight back at the camera, making the painting seem “washed out,” especially toward the middle. Using a light on each side of the painting creates shadows on each side, but, the contrast and evenness of the […]

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Photograph negatives and slides – scanning alternative

I read a pair of articles recently (here and here) about how to get a good image capture of a slide or negative without  a dedicated film scanner.  I have a dedicated 35mm film scanner (Nikon 5000 ed), but, I have a bunch of medium format film, which is about 5 times the size of […]

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See all of the pictures on a website

Here is a way to see all of the photographs somebody has on their website, without seeing all that dreadfully boring text, or having to click through all the links. Paste this into the address bar of a browser: You are now in the in Google’s image search window. In the search window, type:  […]

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Halloween pictures on Mill Ave.

The pictures from Halloween on Mill Ave are here:  Halloween Pictures on Mill Ave.

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Tour de Fat, Tempe, 2011

Pictures from the Tour de Fat are here: Tour de Fat pictures   If anybody knows this girl, please have her contact me.  I would like to get a model release from her.

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Vertical images are becoming rarer.

Vertical images are becoming rarer.  There are three reasons for that: Computers, cell phone cameras, and digicams (small, consumer digital camera). The reason this concerns me is because many pictures must be shot vertically to be most effective.  For example, if you want to get a picture of person who is standing, and you want […]

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Embiggen on Flickr

When I send a link to somebody to get to a slideshow on Flickr, I always have to have them make an adjustment to Flickr’s settings to make the pictures look right.  The lower-right crop of the picture below, entitled “Embiggened,” shows the problem:  The embiggened image is soft, compared to the reference picture on […]

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Time-lapse video of Galileo thermometer

This time-lapse video took about 90 minutes to shoot. I turned a space heater on/off/on/etc. during a winter night to make the markers move (see the red reflection in the upper right, just under the water line of the thermometer to know when the heater is on or off).

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The shot I missed

The shot I missed. Once or twice a year, I think about the shot I missed that could have been one of my most impressive shots. The assignment for a photography class at Mesa Community College, in about 1998, was to use the whole semester to create a body of work.  We could use our […]

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Dance pictures at Graham Central Station

Here are some pictures I shot of the dancers at Graham Central Station on Saturday: I knew the lighting at Graham Central Station would be a challenge. There is some very harsh lighting, which makes for dramatic photos, but, it is not really bright enough for a lot of cameras to stop the action. […]

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