Corporate Portraits

Corporate portraits are the most formal kind of portrait.  They are usually done with a light on each side of the subject… One or two of the lights may be diffused with an umbrella or reflector to create very soft, even lighting.  Capturing a flattering likeness of the person in a professional manor is more important than creating a unique image of the person.  Obviously, businessperson would use the corporate style to make a business portrait.  Real Estate agents may want to shoot in front of a property without special lighting, which makes it a bit of a stretch to call it a corporate portrait, but, close enough.  Actors need this type of photography also, especially for their headshots.


Portraits in Chandler, Tempe, Sun Lakes, Gilbert, Scottsdale, SE Phoenix, Maricopa, Queen Creek, and Mesa, and, for an additional charge, other areas of Arizona or elsewhere.

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