Singles portraits

Awful portraits on dating websites inspired me to create this section for portraits for singles sites, dating webpages, and personal ad websites.  You can get by with mediocre pictures with most social media, but, posting great portraits in a place where you are trying to attract a significant other is extremely important… maybe even more important than having great text on the singles sites page.

Singles need a couple of different pictures for their dating websites, so, for this kind of portrait session, we might try to fit in a couple of wardrobe changes, and photograph the portraits in several locations.

Ideally, we would get at least one environmental portrait, where I would photograph you as a part of your environment, perhaps actually doing something.  The intention is to use the props to try to say something about you.  My page on Environmental Portraits is here:  Environmental Portraits.

I was motivated to start this section for singles portraits by an article I saw at OkTrends (part of the OkCupid website), where it was revealed that a woman who is a “7” gets more interest if she has a picture where some people think she gorgeous and other people think she is ugly, compared with a picture where pretty much everybody agrees she is pretty attractive. I haven’t seen similar articles about what makes guys pictures successful, but, I have some idea.

Here is a tool at OkCupid where members can submit pictures, and have other OkCupid members rate the pictures, in exchange for you taking the time to rate 20 pictures: My Best Face.  At the bottom of that article, in the Try It Out section, click MyBestFace.



Portraits in Chandler, Tempe, Sun Lakes, Gilbert, Scottsdale, SE Phoenix, Maricopa, Queen Creek, and Mesa, and, for an additional charge, other areas of Arizona or elsewhere.

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